We are delighted to welcome all newcomers to our Canton.  Whether you are visitors from other SCA groups, or have only just encountered the SCA and need to add some variety into your life, we should have something of interest to you.

These pages provide a short guide for newcomers on the basics of attending your first SCA event, and what to do to begin participating regularly in the SCA. To enquire about attending your first event, or to ask questions about the content of these pages, please contact the Chatelaine.

You do not need to be a paid member of the SCA to attend and participate. If you would like to become a paid member, click here to set up your SCA membership.

If you are organising an event with a historic theme (dark ages, medieval or renaissance) we may be able to help or get involved. Please contact our Seneschal for more information. We also do demonstrations, interactive talks and assist with medieval themed fundraising activities.

Thank you for your interest – we are sure you will enjoy your contact with the Canton of Cluain!